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Jul 25, 2013 9:00am EDT
. raytheon with 164 beating 1.30, and they raise the forecast and sequestration is -- >> defense, defense. northrup grumman is much better, and look at the gold standards, and northrup grumman is upgraded by merrill lynch and people were behind in the move. mcnerney said in the call that we are beginning to see the sequestration, and u.s. air talking about how sequestration hurt the airline industry, but the defense contractors and everybody was short and believed it was a laid up short, and it w wasn't. >> maybe not for now. but everybody has to believe. >> eventually. >> the defense budget over time will not rise as much as it has, and in fact, maybe go down. >> well, the government, and well telegraphed that a lot of the guys took out costs and you could see still some mergers and remember that the allies are coming, and the people who were not defending are buying stock. i know you want to be the world wide policeman. >> no, the cost of the joint strike fighter and for per plane. >> each one worth a gilead. >> yes, close to it. not quite $91 billion, but not far from it. >> and they a
Jul 24, 2013 9:00am EDT
side, on the defense side. >> that is what northrup grumman said. >> the most jarring trade in a long time the fact that it is the government and the defense spending raising the fortunes and the bag backlog is my favorite number of the day, 410. >> i have a backlog around that. >> 20-year backlog. >> i'm working on it. >> and it is going be a 25-year plan. >> that is going to be an all-time high for boeing. and the real story of raising the forecast for the year, europe was not a spoiler to a large degree, and phil points out that raising the global production by ford by almost 100,000 cars. >> clearly, not the most person who bought a ford 350 super duty. this has to be noticed, because the lat tirn american -- latin american trend is being pulled off. they are ahead of everybody else and i have charitable trust name, but ford could be in the late '80s renaissance. >> and not like the renaissance center in detroit. >> right. >> and the cash flow here is going to be the dividend rise, and anybody remember when ford had 5% yield and not because the stock was low? >> and what about the
Jul 26, 2013 9:00am EDT
. >> and air gas fought them off and ended up with $40 more. >> and the defensive measures deployed by a corporate board are often compared to defensive measures deployed by the medieval castle dwellers. and they went on the say that the defendants' approach appears to be a premised on the notion of the poison pill is a normal exercise of board judgment like the adoption of a board. >> that is outrageous. >> until it made sense of our product. >> until peter causeland said when you can do better than the bid, and the stock up $40 in the initial bid. terrific report. let's go over to the wobond rept with rick santelli. >> you look at the intraday chart, and we go into the weeken weekend, we are seeming to be losing some altitude on the yields. if you open up the chart to a couple of months, it is very telling whether you believe in the ek a technicals or not, this is playing the range so to say. this is in the mid-40s and yesterday we dabbled with the low 60s and clearly the tops and the bottoms of the recent move that are significant. and if you look at the 10-year boon, it is givin
Jul 30, 2013 9:00am EDT
from the s.e.c. are expected to go another half an hour, and then a break and the defense will close for 2 1/2 hours and the s.e.c. comes back for another 30 minutes. the jury could be instructed and start deliberating today, but again, the closing arguments will continue through the afternoon, and we will be back with an afternoon. simon, back to you. >> mary, safe to assume that the defense team is fairly confident at this stage given that yesterday they decided not to call any witnesses, and in most of the newspapers this morning that is the conclusion? >> i think it is true. what they felt is that when fabrice tourre was on the stand, he made a convincing argument to his innocence. and the judge said that after this, the jury may not want to hear from anybody else, and this may be the end of it, and so the defense decided to cut the list short claiming that the defendant made a very good case for himself last week. simon. >> yes, thank you, mary. in the meantime, steve liesman is here with the results of the exclusively cnbc fed survey of where the respondents believe that the in
Jul 31, 2013 9:00am EDT
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Jul 29, 2013 9:00am EDT
a predictor of what's future performance. >> a lot of defense downgrades and the stocks turn out -- >> incredible move. >> raytheon, lockheed martin, much better than expected earnings. you get into the face of these companies that are doing well, with the ground grades, and then you've got to upgrade them after they move. we're seeing a lot of companies that are doing better than what the analysts expected. >> right. >> this move in asia, though, disconcerting, is it not, in terms of worries about growth? we're always talking about china. but japan again -- >> japan, go to bed last night, japan is down two. you wake up, it's down much more. japan is a major destabilizer. i believe -- i believe in the -- i believe earnings are coming back. but people only care about the end. >> right. >> if the end goes the wrong way they don't want to be there. what are people thinking about wynn? it's chinese gambling. people want to write off china every single day. is there every day companies like, china can help us here? no. >> no. it's about water supply being polluted, air being unbreatha
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6